No doubt you’ve heard by now about the health benefits of green tea, and even all those special (and sometimes complex) fruit and vegetable smoothies.

As you steer clear of the beverages that may hurt your health — if you consume large amounts of energy drinks, for example, you may experience anxiety attacks and an irregular heartbeat — go towards something that’s simple, but powerful. And, according to one 2019 study, the beverage that could really transform your life?


Yes, it sounds obvious, but how informed are you on the influence of water on your thinking processes?

In the study, adult participants took tests on their cognitive performance after having fasted from the night before. On one occasion of test-taking, those who drank 500 mL of water before testing later demonstrated improved performance on “tasks measuring cognitive reflection in judgment and decision-making.” 

Previous research has shown how drinking water affects your mood as well as how you perform with tasks related to your attention, speed of response, and memory. This latest study further underlines the power of staying hydrated.

But isn’t a little dehydration acceptable?

The reality is, whether you suffer from severe or moderate dehydration, the power of your cognitive functions will still be noticeably reduced. As Giuseppe Faraco, assistant neuroscience professor at Weill Cornell Medical College notes, “…it goes without saying that even a mild dehydration might have a significant impact on work capacity and productivity.” 

In one study Faraco authored, it was found that mild dehydration can suppress your blood’s flow to the brain. And when blood flow to the brain is reduced, you will notice in the short term that your reaction time to things is slower, your memory is less sharp, and your attention to detail is less astute. In this instance, mild dehydration is defined as “the loss of five percent of the body’s water over the course of a short time.” 

Further studies even suggest a potential link between dehydration and an increased amount of industrial accidents during the summer. Plus, a mere 1 percent drop in hydration can lead to a possible 12 percent drop in productivity.

Lead a healthy, safe, and productive life. Drink water.


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