This is shocking.

Some research has lead experts to believe that physical activity can reduce the risk of developing anxiety disorders. The study was done with participants from Sweden’s cross-country ski competition and a control group. Over time the participants from the ski competition have shown a significant less in amount of stress and anxiety throughout a long period of time.

The study had about 400,000 participants that are both male and female. Both the control group and the participants from the ski competition were studied for 21 years and showed significant difference from each other in terms of stress and anxiety levels. The authors note that when selected the participants of the control group showed no signs of stress or anxiety disorders, the authors also note that they none of the participants had any psychiatric disorders.

At the end of the study, the research showed that the participants from the ski competition had around 60% less chance of developing some kind of anxiety disorder. The skiers also showed significantly less amount of stress. The authors note that skiers who developed a anxiety disorder within 5 years of the race were excluded from the study due to the effects of “reverse causation.”