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Weight loss is seeded by many around the world. Many methods have been found to achieve peoples goals such as cardio workouts and dieting. Research has shown that gut bacteria can play a major role in an individuals weight loss chances and the body’s response to weight loss.

Many experts believe that gut bacteria can significantly influence a persons metabolism and overall health. They also influence the amount of fat storage and appetite which plays an important role in weight loss. The gut bacteria is also believed to predict how the body will respond to weight loss over time.

During the research, experts identified the most abundant difference in each persons microbiome. The ones who lost weight were noted to have a major difference in the genes that effect metabolism. The study’s lead author, Dr. Sean Gibbons stated that “this work may lead to diagnostics for identifying individuals likely to respond to mild lifestyle interventions or those who may need more drastic interventions to lose weight.”

“Beyond that,” Dr. Gibbons continued, “these results hint at the organisms and genes responsible for weight loss success or resistance, which may guide future interventions aimed at engineering weight loss-resistant microbiomes into weight loss-permissive microbiomes.”