This is crazy.

Oral health is very important but did you know that poor oral health can have effects on different parts of the body. Many individuals from around the world suffer from poor oral health but that can lead to many different health conditions around the body.

Poor oral health is connected to many different diseases around the body and some being connected to mental well being. Studies have found that poor oral health can lead to several mental health issues such as neurodegenerative disease. Those who suffer from gum disease have a higher chance of developing mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s in the future. It is very important to have good oral health to ensure that the body and the mind stay healthy.

Diseases such as arthritis are also more common in those who suffer from gum disease. The reason behind this correlation is still unknown but experts do know that oral health does have an effect on the disease. Several other diseases have a higher chance of developing if oral health is poor.

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