Here’s what happens.

Too much of anything is bad for the body. Dairy is one of the most consumed products around the world. Dairy is incorporated into many meals and beverages and could easily be consumed too much. This happens when the body has too much dairy.

Dairy has a very essential nutrient called calcium. This nutrient helps the bones stay strong over time as the body gets older. Consuming too much dairy however could be very bad for the bones. Too much dairy can cause calcium overload and the bones could suffer greatly from it. A study found that a large intake of milk could do more harm to the bones than good. The study revealed that too much dairy can lead to increase in fracture risk even though the body is consuming a healthy amount of calcium.

The body does need dairy and calcium to survive but too much of this could be very bad for the body. Too much dairy intake can ruin the digestive system due to many dairy products being very basic in ph. The stomach could start to be bloated and it could cause cramps depending on how much dairy is consumed.

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