A very healthy side effect.

A recent study that lasted about two years found that eating walnuts can lower a persons lipoprotein cholesterol and can also reduce cardiovascular risk including coronary heart disease. Walnuts can also lower all cholesterol. Here are the details.

Walnut have this healthy side effect because of its high in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps protect many people from heart disease. Walnuts are also linked to lowering atrial fibrillation while also reducing the amount of LDL particles in arteries.

Senior author of the study Dr. Emilio Ros stated “We always obtained good results regarding cholesterol lowering, improved endothelial function, reduced blood pressure, and anti-inflammatory effects,” he added that “regularly eating walnuts will lower your LDL cholesterol and improve the quality of LDL particles, rendering them less atherogenic, and this will occur without unwanted weight gain in spite of the high fat content of walnuts.”

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