Here’s everything you need to know.

Avocados are known for being one of the healthiest fruits for the body. They give many benefits and immunities such as cancer prevention and improved digestion. There are many other benefits that the fruit gives. Here’s why you should eat more avocados.

Avocados grow in warm climate temperatures and have plenty of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs for growth and development. They also contains high levels of healthy fats that make a person stay full throughout the day and in between meals. Adding them into the daily diet can provide many benefits to the body over time.

The fruit helps the heart due to the amounts of beta sitosterol contained. This helps the heart maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Avocados also greatly benefit vision because they contain two important phytochemicals that help with eye tissue, they also help minimize damage from UV light. The fruit can help reduce the chances for depression. Avocados have high amounts of folate which many studies have found links between folate levels and depression.