Here’s what happened.

States are now able to opt into more Medicaid benefits that greatly help those to suffer from hypertension and diabetes. Multiple studies have found that this expansion has helped control hypertension and diabetes in the states who have accepted the expansion.

So far 39 states have accepted the expansion while 12 states have yet to opt in. A recent study was taken in the states that have opted into the program and the results show that the expansion has helped control blood pressure and diabetes. The study’s lead author Dr. Megan Cole Brahim stated “Once a patient gains health insurance coverage, associated health outcomes likely don’t improve overnight. It takes time for patients to become better connected to care and care management while gaining access to prescription medications. It also takes time for FQHCs to invest new patient revenue into things that improve quality of care.”

She added, “Our results suggest that over the longer run, expanding Medicaid eligibility may improve key chronic disease health outcomes for low-income, marginalized populations, which is an important consideration for the 12 states that have not yet adopted Medicaid expansion.”