As per ayurveda, teeth is a sub-type of Asthi Dhatu (AB-Dhat – Bone Tissue) and its evident from its calcified structure that a person with healthy bone forming tissues (AB-SaarAsthi Saar) will ideally possess a good denture.

Nevertheless, any disease affecting other tissues like gum (Mamsa Dhatu – MM-Dhat – Muscle Tissue), bone marrow (Majja Dhatu – MBM-Dhat – Bone Marrow Tissue) or nerve (due to vitiated Vata Dosha – V-Dosh – The Airy Element) will ultimately manifest into a toothache, which is a symptom of variety of oral diseases.

Toothache can be prevented by inculcating various routine habits like chewing herbal sticks, oil pulling, gum massage with herbal powder/medicated oil, and proper dietary habits.

Oral health is overall health. Teeth forming is one of the most important elements of oral health, one cannot ignore the importance of oral hygiene in our daily rituals.

5 Instant Ways To Cure A Toothache

Instant relief could be obtained through following procedures:

1. Gargle With Salt Water

Gargling with salt (1/2 tsp) dissolved in lukewarm (1 cup) water assists in relieving the pain by clearing the deposits and reducing inflammation in the gums.

2. Apply A Cold Compress

Cold pack can be applied externally or over the tooth creating numbness and providing temporary relief.

3. Apply Clove Oil

The age old remedy for toothache is the clove-oil which is readily available in the stores nowadays. However, clove buds (2-3 buds) could be finely pounded and heated with coconut oil (1/2 tsp).

This lukewarm mixture is then covered over the painful tooth with a cotton ball which would temporarily relieve the most excruciating pain.

Clove oil with a pinch of turmeric would give best results by stopping the bleeding in gums and reducing the inflammation.

4. Apply Paste/Juice Of Fresh Basil Leaves

Tulsi/Indian basil is another remedy which would relieve inflammation, pain and also fever caused due to it. Handful of fresh basil leaves washed under running water and crushed; this paste is placed over the inflamed area or over the aching tooth.

Tulsi leaves with tender stems could also be pressed to extract juice. Cotton ball dipped in this juice could be placed over the affected area.

5. Use A Neem Leaf Decoction

Fresh neem leaves pounded with salt (1/2 tsp) can be placed over the affected tooth. This can give excellent results where dental carries are clearly the cause of pain.

In absence of fresh leaves a fistful of dried neem leaves could be added in 4 cups of water and a decoction is prepared on low flame so as to reduce the liquid to 1 cup.

This warm decoction could then be swished in the mouth for 3 minutes thrice a day.

These home remedies are a very basic treatment to relieve the pain, however recurring pain should be treated under medical supervision to rule out the underlying cause.

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