Here’s what you need to know.

A healthy amount of sleep is imperative to overall health as a person ages. It effects the body as well as the mind. Getting a healthy amount of sleep can ward off serious diseases and help your body get into peak performance while keeping the mind at full strength.

Getting a healthy amount of sleep can help repair and grow muscles that the body needs for everyday function. Low light or complete darkness can help with sleep. Research has shown that a simple light can interrupt or prevent sleep. Keeping the room completely dark can help with getting more sleep throughout the night.

Limiting caffeine intake is also a good way to have healthier sleep. Those who have high caffeine intake are less likely to have a good night’s rest and are more likely to wake up during a sleep cycle or even sleep later than those who limit their caffeine intake. Creating a sleep schedule with these suggestions can make a significant impact on sleep which can boost overall health and create a better lifestyle.

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