You may want to watch out for this.

A recent study shows that common drugs can be accumulated by gut bacteria and can also effect the efficiency of the bacteria depending on the strength of the drug. Gut bacteria plays a significant role in the human body as it helps with immunity development, fat storage, and vitamin synthesis.

Scientists studied 29 new interactions between gut bacteria and drugs. 17 of those interactions the gut bacteria stored the contents of the drug and the other 12 interactions the the drug was modified by the gut bacteria.

Dr. Kiran Patil who was a contributing author stated, “We discovered that some of the commonly used drugs, including [the] antidepressant duloxetine, are bioaccumulated by gut bacteria without chemical modification. The choice of duloxetine was due to its extensive use, previously known links to GI tract-related side effects, such as weight gain, and due to variability in response across individuals.”