Here’s what it is.

Reducing dementia risk is very important for all aging adults and seniors. Dementia is a very serious disease that effects millions of people around the world and can reduce lifespan significantly. This disease targets the brain and destroys memory.

This healthy habit can reduce the chances of developing dementia overtime. Exercising regularly helps improve brain power while also reducing the risk of dementia. Exercise such as swimming and walking can help the brain relieve stress and reduce the risk for dementia with ease. Getting a healthy amount of sleep is also very important when reducing dementia risk. Many adults and seniors do not get a adequate amount of sleep which causes dementia risk to skyrocket.

It is also very important that seniors socialize to lower their risk of dementia. It is known that seniors who isolate themselves have a higher chance of developing dementia rather than those who socialize and surround themselves with others. This also helps alleviate any stress in the body which further reduces risk for dementia.

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