Here’s what it is.

Many people have been searching for ways to lower heart disease risk. Now, yogurt has been linked to decreasing heart disease risk in adults. Experts have stated that eating this twice a week can be effective at decreasing this risk.

A recent study has found that eating yogurt twice a week can lower heart disease risk. The large study showed that those who eat yogurt twice a week can drop their heart disease risk by 19-30%. The study included 55,000 females and 18,000 men all ranging from the ages 30-55. The diets of both groups were heavily monitored and so was each groups overall health.

The study’s author stated that the results provided “important new evidence” that yogurt can benefit the heart. The researchers also noted that those who look into eating yogurt to counter heart disease risk should pay attention to the ingredients to make sure they are not priming their bodies for future heart disease risk.

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