This healthy side effect is shocking.

The ‘MIND’ diet has been positively correlated to cognitive function in those who have Alzheimers. The study stated that the diet had a slower rate of decline in cognitive function with aging. The correlation between the diet and cognitive function is also proven to stay after mild cognitive impairment.

Study author Dr. Klodian Dhana, Ph.D stated that “We found that a higher MIND diet score was associated with better cognitive function independently of Alzheimer’s disease pathology and other common age-related brain pathologies, suggesting that adherence to the MIND diet may build cognitive resilience in older adults.”

“The [strengths] of the study [include] high quality assessment of diet and cognition and availability of neuropathologic data,” said Dr. Dhana.

He added, “I think it is of great scientific interest to identify other modifiable lifestyle factors that have protective effects on cognitive functioning independent of [Alzheimer’s disease] pathology and other common brain pathologies.”