A good health and a good body is what we eat and live for. But sometimes we tend to eat things which draw us away from our goal to live a healthy life. A long term consumption of these foods can pose some serious health-issues. Eating enough fruits and vegetables cannot negate the effect of these five toxic foods.

1. Soda Beverages

On average, any type of cola drink contains around 10-15 gms of sugar per 100 ml of liquid, putting your insulin tolerance and glucose level at risk. The high amount of sugar is soda can make you vomit or pass out.

2. Fried Foods

Though the foods could be vegetables in batter, the oil in which they go in for frying are easily disintegrated and transformed into dangerous trans fats. Consumption of trans fats is linked to chronic diseases, most notable are cancer and arteriosclerosis.

3. Sauces

Have you looked at the contents and ingredient list of a typical salad dressing or barbecue sauce? You will see a list of weird ingredients, which will leave you wondering if they really are food. The amount of preservatives, colors, flavor enhancers, and sweeteners that go into them can cause some serious diseases.

4. Sweetened Products

Your sweet tooth troubles you? Candies, jellies, and gums comes with a promise to be sugar free, but the sweeteners in them are artificial substances, which our body cannot assimilate normally and can lead to serious health issues.

5. Processed Meats

Processed meats contain preservatives, mainly nitrites, which can cause cancer. They are harmful for your gastrointestinal health. Ever wondered why packaged meat products have long lasting expiry date? Thanks to the chemicals in them.

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